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Five years ago, a pinched nerve and a numb thumb inspired Wesley’s already growing curiosity with the healing power of sound. Visiting a massage therapist who used tuning forks planted a creative seed in his mind. And attending massage school at the Pacific School of Awareness & Bodywork on the island of Kauai only deepened his desire to find a way to effectively reduce the stress and tension which accumulates in our bodies from our day to day living.

The result is SomaWave Therapy – a sound treatment which allows one to experience deep relaxation and peace of mind, either at home or as part of a massage session with a licensed massage therapist.


Using sound wave technology to experience deep relaxation, unwind
muscles and calm the mind.
Unique speakers called transducer speakers, which are specifically designed to emphasize the vibrational aspect of sound, transmit sound waves through the massage table, creating a wide stereo field of low end frequencies that are applied to the entire body. Recommended is a minimum of 30 minutes to relax the body and mind, and the treatment may be applied within a massage session or at home or work space.
The ThermaWave sound tool is used by a licensed massage therapist or health care practitioner to apply sound and heat to specific parts of the body. The sound tool allows for a more focused application of sound with a wider range of frequencies – stimulating at the cellular level – far deeper than the hands of a therapist at the surface.

At the heart of the system is the iOS app for the iPad. The features of the sine wave generating app include…

  • Stereo – Mono mode
  • Low / High / Specific Frequency Selection
  • Play modes – Manual, Sweep, Step
  • Variable Sweep Rate
  • Variable Pulse Rate
  • Memory / Recall Function
  • Environmental Sounds
  • Timer / Alarm Control

Somawave App on Itunes

This video demonstrates the ability of sound to stimulate and activate an object based on the principle of resonance  –  i.e. all matter will respond to a unique frequency based on its physical makeup and properties. In this case the SomaWave Therapy app activates and brings to life the guitar’s ‘A’ string when it’s appropriate frequency is crossed. Keep your eye on the 5th string as the app sweeps past 110 Hz…

This principle of resonance also holds true for the human body – knotted muscles, scar tissue, tendons, ligaments, organs, and other tissue can be stimulated by various frequencies resulting in healing, relaxation and balance.

“Sound will be the medicine of the future, and the future is now.”

– Edgar Cayce



With Sound Therapy as an element of each massage session,
Wesley is offering Deep Tissue & Therapeutic sessions at the following rates . . .

60 minutes – $75
90 minutes – $105
120 minutes – $125


With Sound Therapy as a solo treatment, Wesley will customize
your frequency, pulse speed and volume settings . . .

60 minute Sound Session – $60


Please call 503.319.9176 for your appointment today.
Kindly give 24 hours notice when canceling to avoid a charge.
Credit card, PayPal, cash and checks accepted.


If you would like to purchase / lease the SomaWave Therapy System

for your business or home, please contact Wes Burden at 503.319.9176

or email him at


“Does SomaWave Therapy suggest specific frequencies for treating certain conditions or symptoms?”

SomaWave Therapy does not make any claims about the benefits of specific frequencies. That is up to the individual to explore and research on their own.

“Is SomaWave Therapy music therapy?”

No, SWT is the application of various frequencies using a sinusoidal wave, considered a pure tone. This sine wave is the same as that of a tuning fork or crystal bowl, and generated with the app on the iPad.

“Can music be played through the transducer speakers?”

Yes, due to the excellent quality of the speakers used, music can be played through the system if desired. The speakers will however be emphasizing the low end frequencies because of their unique design.


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